Bring your Parties to higher levels with WMI

Celebrating a special event on a special day is our specialty. When you need the best ice cream in Nashville for a kids party in Nashville we have you covered. We source all of our ingredients from local sources when posible to create the freshest experience posible in Nashville. 

The ability for us to throw a party isn't limited to kids parties. We throw fantastic and unique parties for adults in Nashville. Some of these parties include bachelor parties in Nashville or Bachelorette parties in Nashville. We provide you and your party the ability to see a side of Nashville very few have the opportunity to see. We take tremendous pride in our ability to have a great time no matter the whether!

Nashville is a great city for hosting parties, no matter what the occasion may be. When you're looking for the best ice cream in town for a kids party, look no further than our shop. We only source our ingredients from local sources when possible, so you can be sure you're getting the freshest experience possible. We're not just limited to kids parties either. We also throw fantastic and unique parties for adults, including bachelor and bachelorette parties. We'll show you a side of Nashville that few get to see. No matter what the weather is like, we know how to have a great time!

Get in tough with us at Dish Dish Goose to help you facilitate any of your Nashville party needs.

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